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Two HOT emotional tales in one

SETH & LANA: He’s the brutally intense leader of his pack. And his newly discovered mate is unlike anyone the wolf clans have ever encountered. It’s ridiculous how badly Lana tests his control. She’s so much more than just the one woman he can’t help but chase.

DENVER & ESME: He’s the pack’s resident bad boy. But she’s the one that’s off limits. Denver and Esme shelter and train newly located latents—spending day after day fighting the volatile chemistry that torments them to no end. Wolves and witches don’t mate. It’s why he’s so damn ruthless about the only woman he’s ever loved.

He’s heir to his father’s pack. She’s a half-witch outcast. But when fate pushes the future alpha and omega together, will their destinies pull them apart?

Life as the pack’s omega isn’t easy on Zora. But at least in the pack, she has a place. Until she meets the one man who can take it away.

Marcus has spent his whole life training to become alpha. But Zora’s lowly status threatens everything he’s worked for.

They can’t be together, but will rejecting the mate bond destroy them both?

Angela: I know fear well. It’s had me looking over my shoulder since the day I ran from The Pack, Nevada’s most dangerous werewolf motorcycle gang. I’ve had seven years to build a life and my tattoo parlor. But I’m living on borrowed time. My ex-boyfriend may still be in prison, but that won’t stop him from getting what he wants — our son.

Jack: I want her, I crave her, but I can never have her. So I wait and watch from the shadows. But when a friend is murdered by the same gang that’s threatening Angela, I vow that they will never touch her. Their blood will be mine first.

She’s a wolf backed into a corner. He’s a vampire on a tight leash. Welcome to Dark Ink Tattoo, where needles aren’t the only things that bite.

Maxim Thorn is a ruthless Alpha, a mobster king who rules his pack with an iron fist. He’s also my only hope.

As a shifter from the wrong side of the tracks who’s just been rejected by my abusive fated mate, I have no choice but to make a deal with the devil.

In exchange for one month of protection from my ex and his friends, I promise to give Maxim what he wants—me.

I expect honoring the bargain to be pure hell. I don’t expect to ignite every time we touch or to develop a soft spot for this wounded wolf. His blood calls to mine, and I’m starting to think this wicked king may have a heart after all.

But is there room in his world for love, or am I destined to become a pawn in his dark game?

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